March 15th Madness :)

March Madness Friday is upon us again already!! The older we get, the faster time flies. How many of you have some special little baby you’d like to shower with quilts? I know I do. Seems like once you’re a grandma every baby quilt you see starts to metamorphous into the perfect one for one of the grandchildren with just the right color selection. We have so many grandmas and moms or moms-to-be that have a blast in our middle room picking out that perfect quilt for the little newcomer.

Our baby quilt book, “Priorities”, is chock full of baby quilt ideas for just what is says….the Priorities in our lives! We’ve redone the quilts in this book time and again in different colorways and each time we’re thrilled with the results. If you find a pattern in this book, but you’re stumped about color selection be sure to stop in and we can help you out. Playing with color is what we like to do best.

We have 2 new babies in the family,  so they got the same pattern,  “Puddleduds”, in 2 different colorways. They look like 2 totally different quilts! Little Jack got this one to match his nursery.



Little Ariella’s sweet quilt is done in soft pastels with a fun little border print. Both of them have some minkee on the front and they’re backed with minkee.





Minkee is great for those little babies; soft, cuddly and warm for these Minnesota winters.  We want those little ones to stay warm!



Jane made this one for that little dinosaur lover in your life with the pattern “Heaven Sent”. It’s gorgeous in the primary colors and is such a change from the sample in the book done in lime, bright pink and pastels.heaven sent

Go to our website and look through the pictures in the “Priorities” book if you don’t have the book at home. It’s amazing how color changes the look of the quilt! While you’re there, be sure to look at pictures from “Northwoods Crossing” because now that you’ve spoiled the little ones in your life, let’s not forget about the men. They like to be spoiled, too! Northwoods Crossing can do just that with quilts of all sizes done in a northwoodsy theme that men gravitate to when they’re in the store.

book-07-NorthwoodsCrossing-308x400[1]book-08-Priorities-308x400[1]Our March Madness Special for this Friday is if you order a “Priorities” book from 12:01 am Friday morning until midnight Friday night, you get a “Northwoods Crossing” for FREE!!


Here’s a fun one that Deb put together in the Dr. Suess fabrics. It’s not in either of the books, but when I was out taking pictures in the quilt shop I spied this and just had to share… it’s adorable. How cute would this be as a baby gift, with some Dr. Suess books! The kit has everything you need, including the pattern and the size is 26” x 37” for $39.99. It’s not a real expensive gift, but still very personal.

cat in the hat

Isn’t it just the cutest?!? The pattern is a quilt as you go. So when you’re done sewing it, you’re done quilting it, too. You have to feel it to believe it ! 🙂  It’s one of a kind.

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Runners Rock Winner :)

Thanks to everyone who commented on the blog and got their name in a drawing for our new book, Runners Rock, that’s coming out soon.  We drew this morning and the lucky winner is…..Linda Wegner!!

Congratulations, Linda 🙂  As soon as the book reaches the store, it will be on it’s way to your door.  We hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed designing it.  If anyone is curious about what’s inside the book, you can see all the projects on the wall at the store.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe!!!  In case anyone has forgotten, we live in Minnesota and old man winter seems to be determined that none of us forgets it. 🙂

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Runners Rock


Yesterday was a busy day, we had our photo shoot for our next book.  It’s always fun to put together settings that help show off the runners and play with the coloring in each unique one.  We try to have a variety of colors in our samples and different types of fabrics.  We’re already working on our prototypes that help us proof our patterns.  Nothing like remaking the runner and really reading the instructions, instead of just looking at the pictures to help proof them.  We are the typical quilters~look at the pictures instead of read the instructions.  Oh no, does that make us similar to the men in our lives….not reading the instructions?!?!

So once we get these runners on the walls, we’ll already have alternative options for coloring so you can see it in a whole different look.  Color really does make the quilt, it amazes us how different our projects look in different colors.

Keith Evenson, from Litchfield, has been our photographer for the last 5 years.  He’s quite used to our winging it by now!!  He just kind of rolls with it.


Our new book, Runners Rock is in the final stages and will be ready for store shelves soon.  It features 12 new runner patterns that we’ve been testing and retesting in different colors and layouts.  Inside these pages you’ll find a modern twist to the old favorites.  The best part of quilting is playing with color and layout, while maintaining the integrity of the traditional block patterns.  Color and fabric choices add the extra spark, making our designs versatile and a great fit for any décor.  Whether you like something simple, splashy or complex; you’ll find it in this book.  


We giggle every time we think of this shot, but what better place to take pictures of runners than in the kitchen.  Since we have no choice but to spend at least part of each day in there, against our better judgement.  It’s very fitting that we take some pictures in our “woman-cave”!!


This adorable topper is a project where you actually get to cut off your points.  Isn’t that wonderful, when you stop to think of how often we do it without meaning to?  Now you get to do it on purpose.

IMG_2663Here’s a splash of color that will warm up any room.  Orange is all the rage this year, so we’ve incorporated it into some of our projects.  Fun to paint one wall orange and add a splash!


If you’d like to try your hand at pieced borders, here’s the runner for you.  Try it with a small project to see if it’s for you.  Pieced borders add so much to any quilt.  Our previous books have quite a few projects with pieced borders.

There’s a little sneak preview of what’s to come.  The girls are hanging the projects on the wall as this is being written, so obviously I got out of having to climb the ladder.   If you want to see all the projects that will be featured, stop by the store and take a look.

Our March Madness special for this Friday is~ if you pre-order and prepay for your “Runners Rock” book, you will get free shipping on your order.  You will also get your book shipped the same day we get the books.  Which means, you’ll get it before most quilt shops even get a chance to get it on their shelves.  And for every person that comments on this blog, your name will be put in a drawing to win a free “Runners Rock” book, shipped out free of charge.  Good luck!!!

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March 1st-First Friday of Fun :)

Welcome to our crazy month of March!!!
These titles below are discounted for Friday, March 1st only.  You can order from 12:01 am til 12:00 pm.  If you order through our website, we’ll send you an e-mail telling you the correct amount due for your order.  You can send a check and we’ll ship your order as soon as the check is received.  Otherwise, call the store or e-mail us with your order. We can take your credit card info then. Remember, we will only be at the store from 9-5 on Friday to answer phones and respond to emails!
It’s important when you order to use the phrase “In Like a Lion”, if you call to order say the phrase or if you e-mail you order type the phrase in the subject line.

Runner Crazy       book-06-RunnerCrazy-308x400[1]Quilt Cravingsbook-09-QuiltCravings-305x400[1]Venture Northbook-12-VentureNorth-306x400[1]Imaginationbook-14-Imagination-309x400[1]Quilter’s Peace     book-17-QuiltersPeace-288x377[1]Runners, Etc.    book-18-RunnersEtc-300x400[1]You Asked For It    book-19-YouAskedForIt-300x390[1]

From the titles listed above:
Buy 1 – 20% Off
Buy 2 – 30% Off
Buy 3 – 40% Off
Buy 4  or more – 50% Off
Tax and shipping costs still apply.

Go to our website at under the book section on the upper left corner of our home page.  Click on the book titles and see all the color pictures in each book.

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March Madness is just around the Corner!

March is just around the corner and after our turbulent winter weather, we’re all feeling a little crazy.  OK…we’ll speak for ourselves, “we” are feeling crazy.  If you don’t believe it, ask the girls.  The great thing about living in Minnesota is that we get a lot of quilting done.  What else can a person do???  So we’re quilting like crazy!!!

We’ve been working on store samples as fabric continues to roll in.  There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get all our projects done that we want to, as I’m sure most of you can relate to that.  Just like everyone, we like to go through our books on the shelf and redo the quilts in new fabrics and fun color ways.  Since color is something we love to play with, sometimes our fabric choosing sessions get a little “out there”.

Here are 2 quilts we worked on at November retreat, same quilt pattern but 2 totally different looks.  We believe in the saying, “Color makes the quilt”.  It’s so true!  Naomi Polzin was a trooper and quilted these up for us right away, so we could get them on the wall.   The pattern is “Jellyroll Fever” from the book “You Asked For It”.  It would make a great graduation quilt, with a splash of color and that wonderful minkee texture everyone loves to add some warmth from home.  You could start it now for that favorite graduate and have it done before the garden is ready to till.


Another great pattern that Joanne has redone is “Starry Eyed” from the book “You Asked For It”.  This is a great beginner quilt with some nice size to it.  It can easily be adjusted to a lap quilt or made bigger to fit a larger bed.  Check out our website if you don’t have this book at home and you’ll be amazed at how different these quilts look in a new colorway.


When we go and speak to different groups one of the topics we love to talk about is how color changes the look of a quilt.  Often, we’ll do samples in more than one colorway, so a person can see how much the quilt changes when the color changes.

Here’s some pictures of new fabric that has come in, so even if you can’t get here as often as you’d like; you’ll still know what’s on the  shelves.  The first line is a flannel line from Northcott called “Blossom Flannels”.  The colors are bright and fresh, but still cozy because winter isn’t over yet.  Isn’t it sweet?


Another line is “Piper” by Dear Stella.  We just ordered this last Tuesday, and it already came in this afternoon….it’s gorgeous!  We’re already playing with it to see what fun things we can find to make out of it.  The joy of  working with fabric all day, the fun never ends.  Every time UPS and Fedex come, it’s like Christmas!!!


March begins on Friday and we’d like it to come in like a lion here at the store, wild and crazy.  So be sure to check the blog this Friday (and every Friday in March) to watch the March Madness unfold. You’ll be glad you did.  Hehehe!!

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Winter Getaway

Is anyone else getting tired of winter??  The one good thing about Minnesota winters is all the extra indoor time a person gets to sew. 🙂  We’ve come up with a cure for those winter blahs….we’re having our first ever Spring Retreat at Green Lake Bible Camp.  Our Fall retreat is always overflowing with a waiting list, so we thought we’d do a Spring Retreat so everyone can get those graduation, Mother’s Day or last-minute projects completed to make way for gardening.

Gathering Friends Spring Quilt Retreat will be March 17th-20th, 2013 at Green Lake Bible Camp in Spicer, Mn.  Retreat includes 3 nights, 4 days and 6 meals (brunch & dinner) with lots of snacks in between. 🙂 Bedding and bath towels are supplied, with room accommodations being shared.  Each room has a private bath.  Check-in begins Sunday, March 17th after 3 p.m.  Indulge in an evening of fun and friendship on Monday night at 7 p.m. with Show n’ Tell.  Bring projects from past retreats or quilts you’ve recently completed.

We will be offering class instruction on an original design project that has a paper pieced center and an applique’d border.  It would be a great Spring/Easter centerpiece on your table or  your wall, add an extra border and you’ve got a baby quilt.  We will give instruction on how to paper piece, if you have not done so before.  You will also be shown how to machine applique’ using the satin stitch and/or buttonhole stitch.


If you don’t want to work on the retreat project, feel free to work on your own projects. Everyone always has so much fun at the retreats. Our retreats offer a very relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity to make new friends, renew old friendships and learn new techniques while spending time with other people who share your passion!

We will be available during the retreat for individualized help, if needed. Check out is Wednesday, March 20th at 1 p.m. Come join us for friendship, laughter and relaxation!! One of the cheapest vacations you can go on this winter. 🙂 Call the store for details and to sign-up. The cost is 195.00 plus tax.

We’ve been busy working on another book at the store. Look for a sneak peak in the near future. We also have some larger quilt patterns that we’ve been working on. Here’s one that Deb just finished called “Sophia Grace”, named after her beautiful granddaughter. Deb made this one using a new line from Moda called “Springhouse” that will be available this spring.


Hope everyone stays safe this weekend as we’re heading into some more crazy winter weather. Be sure you’re stocked up on thread and batting to work on those unfinished projects that we all have. 😉 Stay warm and keep on quilting!!

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Over the River and Through the Woods

Fall has arrived and with it more festivities at the shop.  We’re planning a “Over the River and Through the Woods” Hop with 5 other quilt shops. The shops participating are Gathering Friends Quilt Shop (Bird Island), Flying Goose Quilt Shop (New London), Eagle Creek (Shakopee), Gone to Pieces (Kimball), Heavenly Patchwork (Waconia) and Quilted Treasures (Rogers).   It will be happening Thursday November 8th through Sunday the 11th.  Yes, for this event we’ll be open on Sunday 🙂

If you bring each shop a food shelf item, we give you a FREE fat quarter.  We’re trying especially hard to restock the shelves at our local food shelf.  A few weeks ago the Renville County Food Shelf was burned by an arsonist.  They have a temporary location set up and are in dire need of donations, so we’re working hard to fill that need.

At each shop you visit in the hop, you’ll receive a step for the 2012 “Tis the Season” tree skirt pattern designed by Gathering Friends.   By the time you’ve been to all 6, you’ll have a complete pattern.  The pattern is versatile in that you can do a small size or large size, make it a circle, octagon or square, and cut out the center for a tree skirt (if you have the heart to :)) or leave it for a topper or wallhanging.

Enjoy festive holiday treats and quilting demos at every shop.  The best part is there will be 6 Grand Prize $150.00 gift certificates drawn.

If you don’t like driving and searching for all the shops, leave it to us!  We have a bus leaving our shop Sat morning at 7:30 am that will visit all 6 shops, you will be served lunch and arrive back at the shop by 6 pm…..all for $49.00.  That’s a hard deal to beat with gas prices the way they are.  Plus, everyone gets to hang out together, make new friends, catch up with old friends and get inspired.   Call the store 320-365-4670 to reserve your seat on the bus while there’s still some available.

Since we’re on the subject of Christmas, the little elves at our shop have been busy since summertime designing and creating our own little Christmas spirit! 

Sue did this cozy cuddler from the new line “Warm at Heart” and the minkee backing makes it complete for anyone living in Minnesota. This 60″ x 70″ pattern “Home Sweet Home” is from the book “Quilt Cravings”.

We walked past this quilt at International Quilt Market 3 times and loved it every time, so finally we had to stop and order it.  The 54″ x 66″ quilt pattern is called “Believe” by The Quilt Patch.  Applique’ was everywhere at market and it’s quite striking in this pattern.

“Corn Rows” has been a very popular
74″ x 92″ design from the book
“Graphic Mixx” by Atkinson Design.
In this sample, Deb used the Basic
Grey line “Blitzen”.  The colors and quilting really make this pattern pop.  This is a great fat quarter quilt to showcase your favorite colelction…or use up your stash. 🙂

“Snow is Falling” is yet another great 57″ x 65″ quilt that can be used all winter long, especially since it’s made totally from flannel.  The Gathering Friends pattern is included in this kit.

And of course, everyone likes a quick runner that requires no piecing.  This 24″ x 42″ “Christmas Ornament Panel Runner” can be put together so quickly, you’ll amaze yourself!
That’s just a quick review of some of the projects we have at the store.  All of the above projects have kits available and ready to take home.  All kits include binding and the smaller runner kits also include backing.  Hope you’re enjoying the fall as much as we are and don’t forget…..Christmas is only 13 weeks away.  ARGGHHH!

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