First Annual Girls Night Out


Thanks to all our fabulous friends, our 1st Annual Girls Night Out was a smashing success!! We even had a blast planning ahead of time, all the decorations and food. Thank heavens for Pinterest~~all that creativity and those unique ideas for entertaining. We’re hooked! πŸ™‚
The night was a great kick-off to the summer and our local Island Days. We got to see old friends we haven’t seen in a while, plus make new friends. We had so much fun last night, hence the title to this blog…..First “Annual” Girls Night Out. We’re doing this again next year. What better way to spend a week night~great food, great friends and great fun!

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2 Responses to First Annual Girls Night Out

  1. marjorie godlewski says:

    My husband and I traveled 95 miles, and it was worth every mile.I loved the event, wasn’t sure what to expect….Had so much fun, seen friends from the retreats, and was able to catch up with them. Thanks for the invitation, I will be back next year! Your appetizers were to die for…yum yum…

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