March Madness is just around the Corner!

March is just around the corner and after our turbulent winter weather, we’re all feeling a little crazy.  OK…we’ll speak for ourselves, “we” are feeling crazy.  If you don’t believe it, ask the girls.  The great thing about living in Minnesota is that we get a lot of quilting done.  What else can a person do???  So we’re quilting like crazy!!!

We’ve been working on store samples as fabric continues to roll in.  There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get all our projects done that we want to, as I’m sure most of you can relate to that.  Just like everyone, we like to go through our books on the shelf and redo the quilts in new fabrics and fun color ways.  Since color is something we love to play with, sometimes our fabric choosing sessions get a little “out there”.

Here are 2 quilts we worked on at November retreat, same quilt pattern but 2 totally different looks.  We believe in the saying, “Color makes the quilt”.  It’s so true!  Naomi Polzin was a trooper and quilted these up for us right away, so we could get them on the wall.   The pattern is “Jellyroll Fever” from the book “You Asked For It”.  It would make a great graduation quilt, with a splash of color and that wonderful minkee texture everyone loves to add some warmth from home.  You could start it now for that favorite graduate and have it done before the garden is ready to till.


Another great pattern that Joanne has redone is “Starry Eyed” from the book “You Asked For It”.  This is a great beginner quilt with some nice size to it.  It can easily be adjusted to a lap quilt or made bigger to fit a larger bed.  Check out our website if you don’t have this book at home and you’ll be amazed at how different these quilts look in a new colorway.


When we go and speak to different groups one of the topics we love to talk about is how color changes the look of a quilt.  Often, we’ll do samples in more than one colorway, so a person can see how much the quilt changes when the color changes.

Here’s some pictures of new fabric that has come in, so even if you can’t get here as often as you’d like; you’ll still know what’s on the  shelves.  The first line is a flannel line from Northcott called “Blossom Flannels”.  The colors are bright and fresh, but still cozy because winter isn’t over yet.  Isn’t it sweet?


Another line is “Piper” by Dear Stella.  We just ordered this last Tuesday, and it already came in this afternoon….it’s gorgeous!  We’re already playing with it to see what fun things we can find to make out of it.  The joy of  working with fabric all day, the fun never ends.  Every time UPS and Fedex come, it’s like Christmas!!!


March begins on Friday and we’d like it to come in like a lion here at the store, wild and crazy.  So be sure to check the blog this Friday (and every Friday in March) to watch the March Madness unfold. You’ll be glad you did.  Hehehe!!

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